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Since 1977 many fortunate disciples have been able to enjoy the profound explanations and extensive advice of Geshe Rabten Rinpoche and Gonsar Rinpoche.

The teachings of these unsurpassable masters are a most precious help for any person of any religion, in everyday life as well as in a dedicated and intensive practice of Dharma. Within the reach of our means, we try to make these teachings available on all contemporary media in various Asian as well as Western languages.

Whichever aspect of Lord Buddha's teachings is presented by our masters, for the fortunate disciple it will be a moving experience with matchless clarity. The students in our monasteries follow extensive and precise studies and are mostly well-versed in the Tibetan language.

The Sangha is composed of disciples with mother tongues of various Asian as well as Western languages. Many of them are very capable translators who make all effort to choose an appropriate rendering of the terms of Buddha's Dharma in their native tongues, always under the guidance of the Most Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche, who speaks himself several Asian as well as Western languages, combined with a seemingly limitless knowledge of Buddhist and non-Buddhist ancient culture and history.

We hope that you will find a taste of the precision and the moving experience in the encounter of Lord Buddha's words in all of our publications, just as our masters have provided it!

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