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supported by Rabten Foundation Switzerland

Dear sponsors, dear donators,

a lot has happened at school during the first semester.

In April the first students of the higher grades eleven and twelve passed their final exams with excellent results. The marks were well above the minimum requirements for passing those exams.

Hence we were eager to find ways of further supporting these promising young people in their studies. That included the search for financial solutions, in particular by founding a support fund, as well as looking for academic institutions in accordance with each student's personal wish.

We are happy to announce that all six students could find a college where they can study during three or four more years in order to obtain a Master degree. Thus a major step forward is done.

Apart from theses school graduates, others passed the exams of basic schooling with different results. Among those, the students with average results decided to return to their families. They leave school with the necessary qualifications enabling them to work for example as a driver, tourist guide, secretary, waiter or waitress or as a gardener. Those of them who would like to continue the eleventh and twelfth grade will still be accomodated in our school while attending their classes in a governmental school in close proximity to our premises.

After their departure we will admit fifteen new students this month. After the investment of more than twelve years of commitment to this school, a first cycle comes to completion and a new one begins.

Besides, thanks to the actively support of the government, the bridge providing access to school is in a good state of repair. That's very good news as the old brigde had deteriorated and thus had become a great danger.

We are pleased with all these events and like to express our sincere thanks to you. It's out of question that the very fact of maintanance of the school, let alone such enormous progress, is unthinkable without your precious support.

Under the following link you may read a report in French of a friend and sponsor about her experience at the school:

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With kind regards

  • Jean-Paul Dentan
  • email: jpdentan@rabten.ch
  • Sylvie Zimmermann
  • email: sylvie@rabten.ch

August 2018

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