Under the auspicies of the Most Venerable Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche

Indo-Swiss Buddhist School in Manali, India

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Indo-Swiss Buddhist School

supported by Rabten Foundation Switzerland

This is humanitarian support and it is a non governmental organization whose sole purpose is to help children and to contribute to their future well-being, without any political or religious consideration.

The objective is to develop and maintain a school in the Himalayan region of northern India, in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The Manali region is about 2000 meters high and its landscape has many similarities with our alpine regions. Although the climate in winter is a little more lenient than in our regions, the snow falls in abundance and homes are never equipped with heating.

The school provides access to education to children who would otherwise have to arrange for education privately. It is initially planned to accommodate a hundred students. While some of them come from Manali, the majority of children originates from families living in remote areas of Zanskar, Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul. They stay in the school during the school year and then return to their families for the summer vacation.

Right now, the school has sixty-six children aged six to fifteen, and nine teachers. Students follow a school curriculum which corresponds to the standard in India, except that English is taught in the first year already. Current courses offered cover the first ten class levels, representing basic schooling. In addition to regular subjects, they also receive a Buddhist teaching and regularly recite their prayers.

The children, even the youngest to some extent, contribute to the efficient running of the school by sharing household chores, cleaning, maintenance of gardens and surrounding and it is customary for the older students to provide support to young children. Being clean and hygiene are paramount.

The school has been able to develop well and will continue with the financial support of many donors. The results are already remarkable but the originally intended purpose is not fully achieved yet. To achieve a number of hundred children, it is necessary to complete the school building by extending the first two floors and adding a third. An imperative is building new dormitories with bathrooms, dormitories are completely filled.


  • The school in September 2014
  • Yongzin Rinpoche and some students in front of the Kullu valley
  • The teachers, September 2014
  • In the maths class
  • The morning assembly
  • The food taken in silence
  • Games in open air
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