Meditation - Training the Mind in Eight Verses

Training the Mind in Eight Verses

The great Geshe Langri Tangpa, who is considered as one of the earlier incarnations of the Trijang Rinpoches, has composed this text. These verses show the central point of Buddhism, the benefit of all beings, and the daily thoughts that lead to that aim. These verses can be understood as the central theme of the teachers at the Rabten centres as well as the masters in their lineage of transmission.

To train one's attitude in the thoughts expressed by these verses is the most precious meditation, and to recite these verses daily is the best prayer, free of all differences that we normally think to see between religions and traditions.

  • With the determination to accomplish
  • The highest welfare for all beings,
  • Who excel even the wish-granting Gem
  • May I at all times hold them dear!
  • Whenever I associate with someone
  • May I think myself the lowest among all,
  • And hold the other supreme
  • In the depth of my heart!
  • In all actions may I search into my mind,
  • And as soon as delusions arise,
  • Endangering myself and others,
  • May I firmly face it and avert it!
  • When I see beings of wicked nature,
  • Pressed by violent sin and affliction,
  • May I hold these rare ones dear
  • As if I had found a precious treasure!
  • When others, out of envy,
  • Treat me badly with abuse, slander and the like
  • May I suffer the defeat
  • And offer the victory to others!
  • When the one,
  • Whom I have benefited with great hope
  • Hurts me very badly,
  • May I behold him as my supreme Guru!
  • In short may I, directly and indirectly,
  • Offer benefit and happiness to all my mothers;
  • May I secretly take upon myself
  • The harm and suffering of the mothers!
  • May all this remain undefiled
  • By the stains of the eight worldly principles;
  • May I, by perceiving all objects as illusive,
  • Free from attachment be released from bondage!
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