The Continuation of Buddha’s Teachings

Je Tsongkhapa

Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche

Geshe Rabten Rinpoche

Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche

Rabten Tulku Rinpoche

The Continuation of Buddha’s Teachings

Buddha Shakyamuni gave extensive teachings with precise instructions on how the faults of the mind can be overcome step by step and how the positive potentialities of the mind can be developed and perfected. If one is lucky enough to hear these instructions from a person who has fully understood the Buddha’s explanations, has practiced them and fulfilled the Buddha's intention, then one will also be in the position oneself to eliminate the causes of suffering from one’s own mind and proceed on the path on which the Enlightened One himself has passed.

It is thanks to the continuous chain of great masters who have made Buddha’s teachings their own experience and transmitted it to other people that one is still able to effectively comprehend Buddha's teachings today.

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