Tibetan Buddhist Calendar

Tibetan Buddhist Calendar

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This calendar is meant specifically for practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. It shows the cycle of twelve months according to the Tibetan lunar calendar together with the corresponding months and days of the Western calendar.

The Tibetan astrology is a combination of Buddhist astrology from Kalachakra-tantra, Hindu astrology from Shiva-Tantra and ancient Chinese astrology. Due to the synchronisation of solar day, lunar month and zodiac year in Tibetan astrology you will see that a day can be lost or doubled.

The regular holy days as well as special days of Tibetan and Buddhist festivals are indicated. Although every day of the year is a special day for the practice of Dharma, the selection made here is on the bases of giving priority to the most important ones.

The 8th Moon, Full Moon, New Moon and eclipse days are special days for any wholesome action. For the lay practitioners these days are especially recommended for taking the Eight Vows. The 10th and 25th of the Tibetan calendar are days for Ganachakra or Tsok-Rituals of Tantra. They are especially recommended for performing Guru-Pujas. Sojong or Upposotha days twice a month are for confession of monastic communities.

Calendar download: Tibetan Calendar (pdf)

Configurable Views

In the calendar-app the data is presented as a table or as a list for convenience. In the list view the main Buddhist holy days are shown by name. The names and special dates in this view are customizable. Your changes are stored in a file that can also be distributed to others. This way you can create your own Buddhist calendar and share it with others.

In both views, tapping on a date will display the day's special attributes in a pop-up window.

Universal Application

The application can be installed on any iOS device. Individual views have been designed for iPad and iPhone, for best user experience on each device. Portrait and landscape mode are also both supported with automatic scaling when switching orientation.

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