Reader Application for English and Tibetan Buddhist Texts

Dharma Treasure

Dharma Treasure

Application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

The Dharma Treasure application is the door to many publications of the Rabten Monasteries. Several Dharma teachings in English are available as electronic books. A collection of over 300 Tibetan scriptures in Tibetan language is available for viewing on your phone or tablet.

The application supports dynamic reformatting when changing from portrait to landscape viewing or changing font size. In landscape mode, Tibetan texts are presented in traditional pecha-formatting.

Several publications on specific topics of Buddhist philosophy and practice in English are presently offered, more is to come. Some of these publications are free, some are In-App purchases.

  • Search function in Tibetan and English texts
  • Personal Collection Module for creating a customized subset of scriptures (In-App purchase)

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