Founded 1977 by the Venerable Geshe Rabten Rinpoche

Rabten Choeling - Centre for Higher Tibetan Studies

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Centre Tibétain • 1801 Le Mont-Pèlerin • phone: +41 21 9213600 •

The centre Rabten Choeling is situated 820m above sea-level, high above the lake of Geneva, on Mont-Pèlerin above Vevey, with a great view on the alps of Wallis and Savoy. The centre is an Institute for Higher Tibetan studies as well as an authentic Tibetan-Buddhist monastery with about thirty monks and five nuns and twenty lay students. It is an international school with students from 14 different countries. The monks follow the Vinaya-rules and perform the daily prayers, the monastic rites like confession, summer-retreat, and monthly pujas.

All, who are interested in Buddhism and the Tibetan culture are welcome to visit the centre, to enjoy the beauty of nature and to participate in the daily life of the centre, to receive blessings of masters or just to spend a peaceful time.


Tibetan and Buddhist holidays are celebrated with the traditional rituals, prayers and festivities. It is most pleasing for everybody at the centre to receive guests and friends at any of these events.

Guest rooms

The centre has a several guest rooms (single, double, and dormitories) that are available for retreats, holidays, or just a simple stop-over in the region. Many of the rooms enjoy a most exquisite view over lake Geneva.

Meals at the monastery

The monastery kitchen is also happy to receive guests. In order for there to be certainly sufficient food, you might want to announce your coming a few hours before.

Meditation and Prayers

Daily prayers are recited at 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, except Saturday and Sunday. Every two weeks, on the tenth and twenty-fifth day of the Tibetan calendar, extensive prayers are offered (Tsok-offering). Visitors are most welcome to join any of the gatherings.


Several public seminars are given throughout the year. Every Sunday at 3:00 pm general teachings on meditation are given. In all of these teachings Buddhist philosophy and meditation are taught by the most outstanding Lamas of our time.

Guided tours

The centre can also be visited with guided tours combined with discussions on Buddhism, Tibet or meditation-practices. Many schools, organisations and private groups come to visit the monastery each year. You are also most welcome to pass by, stay in the tempel for quiet meditation, or ask a monk for information on Buddhism in general or on specific topics.

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