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Visits - Guided tours - Staying at the Monastery

If you would like to get a first impression of a Buddhist monastery, or if you look for guided tours with qualified explanations on meditation and Buddhism, or if you wish to spend some days in an environment conducive to reflections and calmness, you will find all this at the Rabten centres.

The monasteries in Switzerland and Austria have many qualified monks and teachers resident throughout the year, as well as guest rooms and a dining hall with all daily meals served. They can be visited on a spontaneous bases almost anytime. For guided tours or specific explanations on topics of Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and practice, please contact the office to arrange a convenient time. For spending a few days at the monastery, be it for a retreat or just to relax, please check with the office for available rooms. You can also join us for any meal, just inform the cook a few hours before your arrival. If you wish to take your friends or business partners for a special treat of a Tibetan meal in the monastery, we are happy to arrange it. Please keep in mind, that alcohol is never served in a Buddhist monastery.

The centre in Hungary is ideal for quiet retreats or just simply for a family holiday in the exquisit surrounding of lake Balaton's south shore vineyards. Eight vineyard houses with sleeping facilities for up to four persons and a living room with kitchen corner are available in a spacious surrounding of meadows with view of the lake.

The centre in the South of France is situated in the hills of the provence with the soothing fragrance of a multitude of plants surrounding you and a blessed temple for meditations and prayers. The famous village Sanary-sur-mer with its various beaches lies within a few kilometers of the centre.

The monastery in Lumbini, Nepal offers guest rooms and a swiss trained Nepalese cook that will offer first class vegetarian meals while you can enjoy the unique blessing of Lord Buddha's birth place in the unique residence of the Geden International Monastery.

In Germany, in Munic, close to the centre of the town (Neuhausen), Dharma-friends regularly meet for prayer and meditation sessions. Several public seminars are offered throughout the year.

In Czech Republic, in the town of Liberec, the centre offers Dharma-activities led by a resident monk.

In the Netherlands, in Den Haag, there are regular reunions and public teachings available.

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